my mind is on the blink

yeah, so i’m a liar. didn’t post last week. sorry. i know i disappointed my fans. (pffffffffft.) (that’s me scoffing at the idea of having fans.)
but, it’s not my fault. there was nothing to talk about. went to rennie’s with heath, who lent me some new cds, since no one else heeded my call for music recommendations. (actually, to be fair, heath didn’t either.) read some books. started a new sock, which is very exciting. i think i might start a knitting blog, either here or over at blogspot or something. i made bill give me the ability to start new blogs, but he doesn’t want me to use it. oh, yes. on thursday i went to see my boyfriend adam and his lovely band. unfortunately, this was the first concert i have ever been to that started on time and with no opening band; it was also the first one i have been half an hour late to. this was v. disappointing because i was not interested in john mayer, who was the other band playing; i hoped he would open but i guess twelve million sorority girls’ preferences get precedence over mine. so i missed the first half hour of the counting crows set, which turned out to be only slightly less than half of it. i was sad. oh well, i will just have to go see him again elsewhere, i guess.
and then i went to seattle on friday … sebastian came, which was an adventure. i didn’t think he would, but then he did, and then i felt responsible for making sure he had fun, and i don’t think i did a very good job. most of saturday morning, he read while evi and shan and i went apartment hunting. the end result, fortunately, is that we got an apartment!! i’m so excited about moving in with the girls and also really really relieved to not have to worry about it anymore.
anyhoo, just went to the library and got new books so i shall go read them and work on my sock. since it’s too hot to go running … stupid hot.

(song: “i’m so tired,” beatles)

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