you are not my typewriter

ew, i just dripped peanut butter and nutella from my lovely sandwich onto my pajama pants. that looks charming, i’m sure. must launder immediately.
but oh, the forsytes! i guess laundering will have to wait ’til it’s over, or until adult swim which at least has commercials.
i finally went to the gym today. treadmills are weird to get used to. i was kind of dizzy and confused when i got off and nothing was moving anymore. but now i will make myself go there instead of putting off running because of cold or dark.
this weekend i made the sewing machine stop working! i don’t think it’s actually broken, but i do think it needs to be cleaned and oiled. i was almost done with my first real project when it stopped working, so was quite frustrated, but i finished it by hand. unfortunately i am not very smart and i sewed the straps on the bag wrong. when the machine gets fixed i will put them back on right.
other crafty things are happening but they are for discussion once i find out if they actually work or not. but they are very exciting!

(song: “war on war,” wilco. alliteration!)

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