and i may be leaving myself open

no, i’m not dead, though it’s not for school’s lack of trying. recently i have had time to go to the gym (sometimes), go to a show (but leave early), and have a good valentine’s day weekend, but that is about it. this whole traveling-every-other-weekend setup is making me reevaluate my homework policy, which has previously consisted mainly of procrastination and laziness, and i have started getting things done ahead of time (!), but this weekend i had to check out a laptop from the ischool so i could get some work done in the car. it was mostly some ui design, so i was sitting in the car with the laptop writing html, and i felt very grown-up. this happens less and less now that i am surrounded by adults with partners and children and homes and careers that they left to come back to school, and who i feel must think i’m a silly little kid who knows nothing about the world. which is potentially true.
also adding to “where the hell did my time go” syndrome are the fact that i now have three students, two of whom i meet downtown for tutoring, so i have 40 minutes to an hour of bus time twice a week to meet with them, and the fact that i am trying to stop eating crap food and eating out, so i have to, you know, take time to cook stuff that’s not ramen. i bought an eggplant the other day at the market. it was so shiny and purple, i just couldn’t resist. i think i will make eggplant parmesan tonight.

(song: “murder or a heart attack,” rhett miller)

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  • Andi

    Eggplant Parmesean is so delicious. You can also make eggplant with a ramen amount of time by marinating it and putting it in your foreman grill. If you have one.

  • dave

    I say make babaganoosh! (I have no idea how to spell it but it sure is yummy!)

  • Yummy!!! That sounds so good I think I’m going to get lunch. Thanks for taking time out of your busy busy life to have sushi with me!!!

  • Sho

    The little library laptop was so cute despite looking a little retro, but it really wasn’t that old. It made my seven-pound Dell Inspiron look like a behemoth. Huge, I tell you! YU-UGE!

  • which tim are you? seattle tim? are you going to see the old 97s at the showbox on like march 12th?
    i think you were in my dream the other night. but it was about a big party with a bunch of sho’s friends. so i guess it makes sense.

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