and mess me around

a thing i have learned:
one should not blog when grumpy, cross, unhappy, stupid, or otherwise upset.
i tried to think of something interesting and exciting and not full of stupid self-pity and inherently selfish semi-depression, but i can’t.
and if you can’t say anything nice, etc. etc. even talking about not blogging is bad enough.
it must be bedtime for laurens.
(song: “build me up buttercup,” the foundations)

9 comments to and mess me around

  • Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of having a blog?

  • bitch blog anyway! seriously, where is it written that you shouldn’t blog while inebriated, cantankerous, despondent, or otherwise not in your happy place? And I love a good rant full of self-pity and inherently selfish semi-depression.

  • it’s written in my rules, right where it says “don’t write anything that you’ll be embarrassed about later when people in your class bring it up, or anything that you’ll later decide you didn’t really mean.” which also goes along with my other rule about “not everything that goes on in my head is something i should share with the whole world.”
    anyway you just said the same thing on your blog not that long ago!

  • Cantankerous! I LOVE that word.

    I understand not writing everything that goes on in your head, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with writing when you’re surly or upset. Also, I think I said that I had not written about my life in a long time, not that I was refraining from doing so.

  • not you, dork. travis.

  • yes, but then I wrote about that which I thought I should not have (read: those thoughts in my head) anyway, and ever since I have made a practice of hiding only those small details that I know nobody really wants to hear about (and if you do we can talk about them in person–but I know that you in particular don’t like to hear the hot, explicit, gory details of my once again thriving sex life). just write. come what may, the consequences be damned!

  • Cantankerousness rules!

    …especially in a public rant format.

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