nobody knows her own heart

ew, ew ew EW.
so sho and i went to gorditos burritos in greenwood, and it was so good. not quite the same as yum salty mol� at burrito boy, but different is good too, and anyway burrito boy doesn’t have spinach burritos! anyway it was a huge (yuge!) burrito and we both had leftovers, which we ate for second dinner the next night. yum happily munching away and then i took a bite that TASTED LIKE SEMI-SPOILED MEAT! very traumatic! i spit it out immediately and investigated it — i think it was pork or maybe beef? — and was disturbed to realize that it wasn’t rotting, that is just what meat tastes like. i wonder why i never noticed it before, when i ate it regularly. anyway i was also pleased to find that after that i don’t want to try it anymore!
(despite that, it was really good and i will definitely go back there.)
when i was at mom’s over winter break, i spent a lot of time doing nothing, which led to me sitting around planning how the house will look when i move into it. there will be an office and knitting/sewing room and maybe a library. and the biggest vegetable garden ever. she is going to move out in two years and i am going to try to work it out to move in there then. and grow corn and tomatoes and peas and cucumbers and lettuce and carrots. and other things. i should find out if i can have chickens …
other things i did in portland: fell off a curb and skinned my knee. yes, i am eight years old. saw that zombie movie and had nightmares about zombies and aliens. did not, surprisingly, want to shoot myself in the head to make my allergies stop. played with sweet stella puppy. stella looks kind of like this. she is the nicest friendliest best dog ever. everyone should adopt a greyhound!
otherwise, i mostly sat around and did nothing. sho was sick so we didn’t really do much. which was nice. i had enough of doing stuff at the end of last term, but at least it paid off — we got a 4.0 on the giant project! now i am finally convinced that i did not doom us by forgetting that page.
now i am strangely obsessed with cleaning and organizing and getting rid of stuff. it’s kind of fun. yay!

(song: “the el,” rhett miller)

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