if it doesn’t leave my stomach, it’ll split my head

things i had not done on saturday morning that i had done by sunday morning: a short list.
1. seen the proclaimers.
2. thrown up out a car window.
yeah, i don’t know what i was thinking. but it’s a good thing the proclaimers have written a song about drinking too much and throwing up, ‘cos otherwise i wouldn’t know what to title this post!
anyway, re: proclaimers, i have a favorite one but i’m not sure which one he is. i think it’s charlie. i hoped that having them sign my cd would tell me, but both their names start with c and other than that were totally illegible.

(song: “it’s saturday night,” the proclaimers)

6 comments to if it doesn’t leave my stomach, it’ll split my head

  • robin

    The Proclaimers are still together? Whoa.

    Also, seeing The Proclaimers is yet another element that you failed to share when you told me The Story.

  • oh, yeah, sorry. not just randomly drunk and vomiting on a sunday night. it was proclaimers-induced.

  • shebly

    oh my! =)

  • steph

    hey lauren this is steph from italy just checking if you’ve heard from travis in the last few days as i havent in several days, havent even seen him online….
    just wondering if you knew anything….
    merci et a plus


  • Andi

    Better than throwing up IN a car window….

  • Stephanie

    Hello–I thought I’d clear up your who’s who as far as your favorite Proclaimer dilemma goes. If you do have a fave, you should know his name. ;)
    As you are looking up on the stage, the singer to your left is Craig. He also plays the tambourine and penny whistle from time to time. Charlie would be to your right, and he is the guitar playing Proclaimer.

    I hope this helps!
    :) Stephanie

    P.S. Which gig did you go to?

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