i want to be cool, tall, vulnerable and luscious

in my quest to stop trying to collect things, i have started to collect containers for things. this is partly because i am also interested in making things from other things lately, and partially because i feel like if i could just put the stuff i have into containers and organize it a little better, it would take up less space. this is probably true, actually, because in the process of putting it from one box into another, i would be getting rid of a lot of it.
in theory.
in any case this needs to start happening soon, because i am still planning on going down to eugene for the summer in mid-june. it depends on a lot of variables, of course – it seems like everything does at this point in life – but if all goes as planned, i’ll be starting a paid library internship (for credit, too!) on june 20; i’ll be living in courtney’s super cute apartment while she has fun in africa and visiting shelby‘s (well, and eric’s too) new house and andi&quent’s apartment; i’ll be sitting on the balcony drinking rennie’s lemonade in the afternoon just like old times. hooray!

(song: “perfect world,” liz phair. all except the vulnerable part. i want to be less vulnerable, not more.)

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