me, my thoughts are flower-strewn

omg morningstar farmsbaby corn dogs are soooo good! i am in eat-all-the-junk-food-in-the-world mode right now, and these, happily, satisfied that. it could have been worse. it could have been pizza! or potato chips! but it was baby corn dogs and frozen bean&cheese burritos.
i have a job interview on friday at 1:30. i don’t want to talk about it because i don’t think i’ll get it and if i talk about it too much, i’ll be sad when i don’t get it. but if i do get it, it means i can come back. so think happy thoughts for me on friday at 1:30.
i love the rain.

(song: “find the river,” REM. automatic for the people is in my top five favorite albums ever.)

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  • shebly

    Thankyou for including links — for just a moment, I was slightly worried that you’d somehow broken your vegetarianism for some amazing corn dogs. Was *so* very glad to realize they were corn-covered veggie-dogs.
    I’ll definitely send some good vibes westward at 1:30PST/3:30CST. =)

  • Maybe my last comment. Sniffle.

    My mom loved Morningstar’s sausage crumbles, and was despondent when they were pulled from Oregon.

    She’s convinced that they really were sausage, and that Morningstar was found out.