drifts to sleep with a moan and a weep

it has become clear to me that i am no longer actually interested in this term.
i have a paper due at 9:30 tomorrow morning. clearly, the right thing for me to do this afternoon, then, was to go have some beers with cataloging class. on the way home i picked up my package at the post office, which of course meant that the way to get home involved going by kai’s. accidentally stayed there until after 9. now i have got 1 page and a tiny bit written.
yay! no motivation and no interest! i am ready for this year to be over soon.
tomorrow night is spring fling. blythe wants me to wear a red dress. i’m not sure it’s really an appropriate thing for me to wear right now. must reclaim running shoes from locker at the gym and put them to use.
ok. another page and i’ll be halfway done, and i can have some chocolate.

(song: “billy liar,” the decemberists – the first cd i have wanted to buy in a long time!)

1 comment to drifts to sleep with a moan and a weep

  • shelby

    i think you have all the right priorities. have fun dressing up tonight! tell me/us all about it! =)

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