as she tumbled down

i went to the new spl last week. sho took pictures; i’ll post them or link when/if they are up. i really liked some parts (so much light; the book spiral makes me think interesting things about classification; even the hard plastic chairs are comfortable, and the foam ones are super cushy though they look weird) and had serious reservations about others (scary neon yellow escalators; totally bizarre and uninviting second floor, entirely red; elevators go too fast but strangely require a long wait; the cushy chairs look like they’ll get gross and ratty in about three days), but on the whole i liked it. anyway there has been so much publicity about it that it can only be good for the library in general. yay! scary red and yellow but also bright and cushy and full-of-books library!
also, packing is still miserable (surprise!), but uwajimaya is awesome and i love daifuku.

(song: “all my friends,” counting crows)

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  • Was it still really noisy there? It reminded me more of a high school than a library when I visited. I’m glad that people have interest, but I’m also glad that I wasn’t trying to actually do any research or anything, because it would have been impossible to concentrate.

  • hello sean!
    it wasn’t too bad. not ideal library quiet, but i would say about half the people there were there as tourists and not as patrons. i think it’ll get better though.
    when did you go? i bet it was really awful for the first week.

  • I went on the 30th — one week after it opened. It was a madhouse. I needed to get a new library card because my old one was destroyed in my wallet. I ended up standing in line for over an hour. In retrospect, I should have given up and taken care of it another time. But I kept thinking it would be “only a little longer.” I’m such a fool.

  • I am excited to see the new library! I showed a picture-set that I found on web to my co-worker who is on the library board here. We are building a new library too. I think it is safe to say that Tillamook’s library architecture will be a bit more subdued.

  • Hallo from Dubai! I loved Possession, and did think it got better as it went on, so don’t give up on it.

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