words dry up and fly away

i just got in a random bad mood, but have been planning to post for days, so i will break the no-posting-when-grumpy rule for today, because there is much news to share!
that’s a joke.
eugene never changes. shelby is a little farther away, and so is andi, but other than that, pretty much everyone that was here last summer is still here, including my bartender john, so it’s almost like i never left. which is strange. i’m even listening to the same albums as last summer, blue horse and yankee hotel foxtrot, with the addition of the first CD i have bought in about a year, her majesty, by the decemberists.
work is going ok now that i think i kind of know what’s going on. i feel like i wasted a lot of time last week because my fieldwork goals are not fully established yet, but now it looks like if it changes it will only be a little bit. i get to make a database! and a web page! and look at lots and lots of collections and get all dusty! yay!
my class for the first part of summer term was postponed, so hasn’t started yet, which is nice because i have a lot of free time to sew. my poncho yarn disappeared but i made two ribbon belts the other day, and i have mostly finished a top, and i’m going to make a blue hoodie. i can’t finish the top until i make a masking-tape-&-pillow-stuffing dressmaker’s dummy. or is it still a dressmaker’s dummy when it’s only a torso and isn’t on a stand? anyway i’m going to make my torso. it involves being all taped up. fun.

(song: “only in the past,” be good tanyas)

9 comments to words dry up and fly away

  • Sho

    And I get to be the taper! Yay tape!

  • shebly

    I’m sure that taping lauren is a common fantasy. =)
    Yay for posting-while-in-a-grumpy-mood. Because I am grumpy and needed a lauren post to procrastinate with. Thanks!

  • Please have pictures of taped-up lauren… would be great fun for all of us! I can’t say a *fantasy* of mine, though…

  • KatieL

    I’m impressed by all your knitting. That is all.

  • ? but i’m not knitting anything right now.

  • shebly

    oh, i forgot to mention. i may be farther away than i was from you in eugene 2 years ago… but i am closer than i was to you in eugene 1 year ago! =)

  • KatieL

    Ohhhh, you’re *sewing* the hoodie, not knitting it. That makes much more sense. Well, I am still impressed by all the sewing/knitting/cobbling/whathaveyou.

  • Trevor

    Look, Daddy! I’m a torso!

  • marika

    hey, have you seen margit? she has two classes at the knight liberry, and she’s been looking for you.

    she went to special collections, but she said it wasn’t actually special collections. so where do you live in the library?

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