you can never tell

i am in the catalog.
i am in the catalog!!!
i am in the catalog.

(i am, geekily, really very excited about this.)

(song: act naturally, the beatles)

8 comments to you can never tell

  • hooray! :)

    At first I saw that the location was “SCA Archives” and wondered what the Society of Creative Anachronisms had to do with anything. I didn’t think your thesis had anything to do with people in fake suits of armor and jousting and stuff.

    Then I realized SCA meant something else entirely.

  • Holy shit! So am I! I had no idea I ended up IN THE CATALOG!

  • I don’t think it’s geeky that you’re excited! ANYBODY would be excited. It’s fantabulous, man!

  • marika!!!


    i’m very impressed.

    that’s all i can say.

    hey that’s cool! i want to be in the catalogue. :D

  • Wow. I’m deeply impressed by your m4d c4t4l0gg1ng sk1llz. (Sorry for the l33t. I think I’m the only person left who still finds it amusing.)

    But seriously, being the huge geek that I am, my first though was “*I* want to be in the catalog TOO!”

    Congratulations. You’re galoshes must be very proud.

    -= Chris

  • Lauren

    woah your gay

  • omg! im gay!?! omg how could you? bitch!!

    the above “Lauren” (aka, in case anyone needs an address for subscribing to things that are sure to send spam) is, of course, not me. if i were going to accuse myself of being gay, i’d at least spell right. also, i’d try to find something more hurtful to call myself. at the very least i would try to avoid complete misuse of the word in question!

    yep. all those big words. clearly im gay.

  • shebly

    super weird!

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