once upon a pair of wheels

i have been alternating between total confidence in my ability to my fieldwork goals and sheer panic about it – i am only at H! there is no way i can finish the whole survey by the end of next week!! really, as is common for me, i think i need to stick to somewhere in between. i can finish it if i get off my ass and stop wasting time.
today i learned that these big huge awful boxes called solander cases are too wide, and the aisles between shelves too narrow, to accommodate both solander case + my body, even if it’s just my knuckles sticking out on either side of the case. i am now missing a few pieces of skin off a knuckle on my right middle finger, which seemed to be important pieces of skin as i think they were holding a lot of blood in. at least, it all came out after they were removed. ew.
roommate bryon has discovered my new favorite beer: abbey. go new belgium!

(song: “baby driver,” simon & garfunkel)

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