restlessness has seized me now

i really want to redesign. i was going to do some work on it before i left seattle since the ischool has some tablet pcs for checkout, and i could draw fun things. i forgot to, though, so now i have to wait until i get back to seattle. maybe. or get used to drawing with a mouse.
today was grown-up staff meeting day again. i had two meetings this morning! these people really think i’m competent or something — they have this idea that i’m going to accomplish things. it makes me kind of uncomfortable and kind of happy at the same time.
i decided to stop being stupid and go to the lake with shelby this weekend. yay!

(song: “asleep on a sunbeam,” belle & sebastian)

1 comment to restlessness has seized me now

  • shelby

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay lauren-coming-to-the-cabin-weekend! the thought of it is seriously what is getting me through the week.

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