he still found time to write to her

there is not much news on the three-bean salad front today, except that i am going to make a whole bunch tonight and take it to stephanie‘s potluck. i have never actually been to a potluck before, and i am excited to have a yummy thing to take!
even if it is a toga potluck. my sheets have flowers on them. it will be the lamest toga ever.
yesterday a stitch n bitch with andi & stephanie & stephanie’s cute boyfriend devolved into a bar night at rennie’s with half the math department, just like old times. it was made even more nostalgic by the fact that i should have been at home writing a paper which is due tonight at midnight and which is currently only 10% done.
you can tell when i have a lot of crap to do, because i start posting more often …

(song: “our love,” rhett miller. hurry the hell up, new CDs!!!)

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