a fine and fancy ramble to the zoo

i guess it’s ok that no one was around to email me last week, because i actually got some things done. i just turned in an assignment two days early! this never happens to me. it was a really easy assignment, but still. now i only have to research, start, and finish a ten-page paper for friday, and also come up with a silly write-up of my fieldwork.
today i went for a walk with my fieldwork boss. he is the reason i am in library school, and he is a really awesome guy, so he always kind of intimidates me. we had just gone over the first draft of the silly report i am writing, and then we went to roma and had some chai and walked to the graveyard. we talked about library school, and how i don’t know if i’m really getting what i want out of it, but i don’t know exactly what i want so maybe it’s ok. he said he would contact his old mentor from when he was in library school and get recommendations for other courses or little programs or things i could do to get more experience in the special-collections related world, like rare book school or a two-week session to get archival certification somewhere in california. so i felt happy and not intimidated. if he’s willing to share his mentor, maybe he doesn’t hate me after all.
i can’t find the site for the two-week archival certification program, though, and i’m too tired to look properly. am going to bed.

(song: “at the zoo,” simon & garfunkel)

5 comments to a fine and fancy ramble to the zoo

  • Tweed

    Yay for rare books! Yay for successful fieldwork! Yay for walks in graveyards! Yay for Lauren!

  • K

    I’m absolutely in favor of rare book school. I have heard great stories. It’s kind of pricey but definitely seems worth doing. Next summer could be tough but we should try to get into a class together.

  • I will definitely go as soon as I have $800 lying around for tuition. And extra for airfare and lodging and whatnot.
    They have scholarships but you have to, you know, be smart.

  • K

    u r smrt!

    I can dress smart.

  • I mentioned Rare Book School to you first! Also, if you go in the summer you can stay in one of the rooms on the lawn. And if you go next summer I’ll be there at SFLI if I don’t go another year with KBR!