that’s what we pay him for, that’s why we pray

i’m such a wimp.
last night we watched totoro and it was super cute. i supsect that for other people it’s about monsters or spirits or whatever the hell totoro is, but for me it’s about sisters. especially the part where the little one gets lost and the big one is so worried. it made me worried too.
but then the catbus comes and says “next stop, little sister!” and takes the big one to the little one and everyone is ok.
if i had a catbus i would visit my sister all the time.

(song: “flinty kind of woman,” dar williams. radio KoL is good to me – it introduces me to dar williams songs about a posse of pissed-off mamas chopping up some guy who touched their kids. yay!)

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  • Sho

    Totoro goes, “ROWWWWWRRRR!!!”

  • shelby

    Yes, when I watch that movie, it’s about the only time I can imagine that sisterly love and concern. They are so adorable, and so sad, and.. the part where they visit their mom makes me so sad, too. It’s kind of amazing that it APPEARS to be about totoro, but it’s really about this sad family keeping it together.

    If a catbus had offered me a ride to my brother when I was that age, I probably would have refused. =)

  • meeka!

    awww, we should watch that when i come to visit!

  • Neko-bus!!! That was my favorite part. It was really late at night when I saw it the first time and I was just starting to watch anime, so I was like, “Wooooaahh! Duuuuude!” Very strage, but cool. I should see that again.

  • unfortunately i had the dubbed version, so it was catbus, not neko-bus.
    seastar, do you want the dubbed, or shall we rent the subtitled version?

  • shelby

    Please. Neko-basu, if we’re going to go all authentic.

  • shelby

    i wonder how long until you are internetted again?

  • Heh heh… I like the word “internetted”. Describes my life well, I think.

    -= Chris

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