waits another week to fall apart

last night as i walked home from john & laura’s house, it was cold and windy and the air smelled like a wood stove. it was comforting and wintry and i was happy.
it was also winter on saturday night as i stood outside the art museum in the middle of the night in the rain. they had a really great exhibit all summer, but i didn’t make it there to see it until the night before it left. fortunately the museum stayed open all night on saturday, so sho and phoebe and i got there at about 11, and proceeded to stand in line for an hour and a half.
the exhibit included a few well-known pieces – caf� terrace at night and some portraits of the roulin family. the ones i liked best, though, were ones i had never heard of and can’t find online. one was an early drawing called “corner of a garden,” and one was an oil painting called something like “garden in the asylum in saint-r�my.”
the exhibit was more than just van gogh, of course, and i enjoyed the rest of it though i am not so much one for cubism. there were quite a few mondrians, a couple of which i also liked a lot.
being at the art museum at 2 in the morning made me feel kind of grown up and hip – i’m really glad i made it before the exhibit left, even though i had a sore throat the next day from standing in a downpour in sandals at midnight.

i have just returned from retrieving the last of my furniture from its various locations all over seattle. my desk, dresser, and chair were at scott’s, and now they are here, so now i get to put clothes away. it’ll be fun!

(song: “american girls,” counting crows)

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