i’m so tired, and i wish i was the moon tonight

if i can figure out all her wacky slang, i will be translating some comics for madame fa. i think her drawings are adorable.
lately my laptop has decided to refuse to recognize when it’s plugged in, so all it does is drain the battery forever and not recharge. right now it has only enough battery to turn on, tell me it’s about to die, and turn itself back off again. awesome. it is mostly just an annoyance at the moment, and not an actual problem yet, except that there’s a thank-you letter on there that i have to submit to the ischool awards committee by the 24th, or i won’t get my $3000 scholarship. while $3000 won’t keep me in school another term, it will keep me housed and fed for more than a term, which will be nice. with that and the work study i got, i should be able to stay in school through winter term.

(song: “i wish i was the moon,” neko case)

5 comments to i’m so tired, and i wish i was the moon tonight

  • Trevor

    Many laptops are happy without batteries, as long as they’re plugged into the wall.

    Perhaps this will help you with your $3,000?

  • right, but the reason the battery has drained is that it can’t consistently tell when it’s plugged in.

  • meeka!

    don’t you have a desktop you could use?

  • I think Trevor means, take out your battery, plug it in, and then try to turn it on. You can’t drain the battery any more if it isn’t in there, right?

  • yes, that is true, but the computer can’t consistently tell when it is plugged in.
    if i turn it on with the battery out, it will start to start up until it decides – without being touched – that it isn’t plugged in ny more, and then it will stop.
    something is wrong with the connection between the plug and the computer. i don’t know if it’s the plug or the computer. it is not the battery.

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