but i won’t even look

it’s winter again. it’s cold and blowy and grey and last night it smelled like winter. but it was clear the night of the eclipse, which was so neat.
i am indignant and offended because of two things:
my databases professor asked me in class (as an example for the discussion about browsers and servers and whatnot) what browser i was using, saying “i’ll ask you because i know he’s using OS X and i bet i know what you’re going to say.” when i responded “firefox,” (with an implicit “duh”) he was surprised and said “oh, i thought you’d say internet explorer.” wtf. what does this mean? do i present myself to the world like a person who’d use IE? how can i change this about myself? i do not want to be perceived as an IE user.
(yay, browser snob!)
also, though i have read it occasionally before, i have just recently become a real fan of metafilter (especially ask metafilter, which is digital reference! yay! reference without actual patron interaction is good!), but apparently i am not allowed to be a member! the registration page says registration will be open again someday, but i hear it’s said that for quite a while. i take this as a personal affront. i don’t want to post very often, but sometimes there are questions i can answer! it’s for my professional development! let me in!

(song: “if you don’t think it’s right,” chuckanut drive)

2 comments to but i won’t even look

  • Sho

    I think your databases professor assumed you were going to say “IE” because something like 80% of all internet users use it (I pulled that stat out of my ass, but I know a majority use IE). I don’t think it’s because you look like an IE user, it’s just that so many people are.

    But, anyway, yay for Firefox. I’m glad more and more people are using it. I got Dan to use it because IE had allowed some sort of malicious/uninstallable Spyware to get on his computer, which rendered IE almost unusable. I think he’s much happier with it.

  • It warms my heart to hear you be so nerdy, lauren. Firefox does indeed kick much ass. And according to the stats for my web site, only 60% of my visitors use IE, but then again my friends are above average people. =)

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