something in a shade of grey

it is a hot chocolate and august & everything after sort of day. i wish i could be home on the couch in pajamas watching the food network but alas, i am stuck on campus for work and class until 7:30.

i like to watch people on the bus and see what they are reading or knitting. this morning there was a confused-looking boy with messy hair reading kavalier and clay, which i really need to read; there was a girl reading about a boy – she will have to stop reading it on the bus soon as she is almost to the end and crying on the bus is no fun; the boy next to me was reading the liner notes to nigeria 70: the definitive story of 1970s funky lagos. and the girl with adorable shoes and an 80s-style high-necked overcoat was knitting a basketweave scarf almost just like the red one i made last winter, except grey, and it was taking her a really long time.

i am going to portland for thanksgiving but not for very long. have to come back on saturday to see my girlfriend neko. but i will get to see my sister and my mom and the stelladog. it will be fun!

(song: “anna begins,” counting crows. i like songs that talk about grey things.)

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  • So jealous. I love Neko. I don’t get to come home from Portland until late Sunday, though. So I get back to Seattle too late to see her here, yet I have to leave Portland too early to see her there. Sigh.

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