the wrinkled hand of fate

the first disorienting thing i noticed about being in honolulu was the birds. there were no pigeons at the airport – there were only these doves everywhere. i have since seen maybe ten pigeons, but at least as many of the doves as there would be pigeons in seattle. other birds i haven’t seen yet make strange noises that wake me up in the morning; that is disorienting in a way i have never experienced before. it makes me feel exotic and confused and out of place.
not exotic, on the other hand, is the bug bites. i seem to be irresistable. no one else has been bit at all, but i have bites all over my feet and ankles and one on the back of one calf, and yesterday when waiting for the bus (also supremely non-exotic, which was kind of comforting, really) i absentmindedly scratched my itchy knuckle, and scratched and scratched and scratched, then realized i had no idea why it itched so much, and looked down to see that it was swollen and poofy and couldn’t bend hardly at all. happily, convenience stores abound, and they carry benadryl cream, so i did not die of bizarre finger-related allergies.
i have been doing both normal tourist things and big huge dork semi-tourist things.
normal: went to matsumoto shave ice on the way to a beach to see a surfing tournament; took some pictures of pineapples for my sister.
went to manoa falls (which i can see from the bedroom window), though it seemed to be abnormal to consider this a little walk; on the way back down, we encountered people (tourists) with gear like they were going for a fifteen-mile hike as well as people five minutes from the beginning who wanted to know how much farther.
yesterday went to waikiki and wandered around and did not (could not) distinguish ourselves from the overconsuming masses. yuck.

big huge dork semi-tourism:
bought fresh veggies and fish in chinatown on the first day and had fabulous sashimi and rice and chinese mustard cabbage for dinner. i like the food here.
went to waikiki aquarium where there were mostly children. well, and fish. that was pretty cool. (HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA’A!!)
today going to the bishop museum too see half a whale and some other stuff. yay for science.

pictures to come eventually.

(song: “temporary,” aj roach)

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  • shelby

    Yay for posting from Hawaii! I somehow thought there would be no internet. I am very glad you’re having a good time. That is a ridiculously named fish. :) You should swim or snorkel if you get the chance. If you’re on Oahu, Hanauma Bay is a big (touristy) place for that. When I was there, I saw fish & a stingray! How warm is it really right now?

  • it is too damn hot, is what it is. i think it’s like ~80 in the middle of the afternoon. i knew this would be my least favorite part and it is. i hate it. i quite like the morning and the evening, though.
    if it were a constant 65-70 instead of a constant 75-80 i would be much happier here. as it is, ugh.

    as for snorkelling (snorkeling? i like two Ls better), there is 1) no time; 2) no inclination to hang out with the tourists; 3) no swimsuit; 4) no feeling that it would be even remotely appropriate to put it on if there were one.
    maybe next time. i would like to see the stingrays and whatnot.

  • How could you go to Hawaii without a swimsuit? I’ve heard it’s an island or something.

    Ironically, while you’re in Hawaii, Hilary (remember Hilary?) is visiting family stateside.

    -= Chris

  • meeka!

    pineapples! that’s exciting.

    and fish that i can’t spell but can pronounce. humuhumunukunukuapua’a?


  • that’s weak… even i went snorkeling and i’m a big fat guy

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