eager to fly now

more normal tourist things: drove around the island and went to the blowhole, where a lava tube at or below water level has a hole in the top of it too, so waves that come inside it at the right angle, or something, come out the hole in the middle of the rock and it looks like a little geyser, or, yes, a blowhole. i think we drove around most of the island that day; we also had lunch at a little shack where they cook pigs in the ground and plan to do so until the health department comes to shut them down. i had squid in taro leaves and coconut milk thingy, which was quite good; the rest of the group had pig that had been cooked in the ground. there was also poi which was very interesting, and some yummy salmon thingy that shall be discussed on foodblog eventually.
i also had dim sum for the first (and later the second) time ever in chinatown. it was really good. i can’t believe i had never had it before.
the bishop museum, which was part of the geeky section of the trip, was really neat. i was wrong about the scienceness of it; it was mostly a hawaiian/polynesian culture and natural history museum. which was very cool.
oh, and a major part of the geeky section was sitting around reading. i read the last samurai which has nothing to do with the movie and which my pal jeanne recommended; i quite liked it. i read most of wicked, which i also liked but did not get a chance to finish before i left for reno, which is where i am now. but i did not bring it with me because i was too close to the end; instead i brought fingersmith, also recommended by jeanne. i like it; she is good at recommendations.
christmas was relatively unstressful, considering. my stepmom & her husband (not my father; long story that you prolly all know) are having the kitchen and dining room redone so there is no sink, no countertops (just plywood), no stove or oven, and no fridge in the kitchen (though there is one in the garage). fortunately, christmas eve dinner, which is held here, consists of soup cooked in a crock pot and caesar salad with meat grilled on the barbecue. dishes were washed in the bathroom sink, which was a fun adventure, but the whole thing was easier than we could reasonably expect given the utter lack of kitchen appliances.
i did not, alas, get an ipod, though i was not surprised since i did not ask for one. but i might buy one. i am having serious lust. it’s pretty bad.

i get to go home tomorrow. this is good.

(song: “the only living boy in new york,” simon & garfunkel)

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  • andi

    I didn’t even want an iPod until Quent got one and I got to play with it and now I want one soooo bad. But I didn’t get one either, maybe for the same reason.

    Dim Sum is delicious. Sometime, if you are really lucky, you can hear my dad do his impression of the little dim sum cart-pushing ladies.

    If you don’t like hot you should have gone to Israel (it was cold).

  • Deb

    Buy an ipod!! I bought one in Sept. and justified it because I *need* it to walk to school everyday. I walk over I5 2x a day which is loud and unpleasant. You too can find some such excuse for buying one.

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