if you don’t know where you are, you might be lost

in direct opposition to ‘most everyone else ever, as far as i can tell, i am pleased that it appears to have decided not to snow, at least today. on the other hand, i was kind of excited about the idea of a snow day, so i’m declaring sunday to be Snow Day even if it’s not; this calls for pajamas and woolly socks and hot chocolate and video games.
saturday would be designated as Snow Day (too/instead) if i didn’t have to do residency for my distance class. i am resentful of having to spend all saturday afternoon on campus, but i’m looking forward to the class – government publications! – and since it’s distance, this is the only time i will ever have to sit in a classroom for it, so i suppose i can suffer through the afternoon.
last night i stopped by the college inn after class, which is uncharacteristic (i’m usually at kai’s), and there ran into a bunch of folks who i don’t see very often, as they’re mostly on the information track of the library and information program … that was fun. i’ve been feeling antisocial lately, both self-imposed and due to circumstance, so it was nice to run into people.
there is reading and listening to do for residency this weekend but i am in denial! i must go find another way to procrastinate!

(song: “don’t follow me, i’m lost,” bobby bare jr.)

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  • Bobby Bare Jr.! I haven’t listened to him in forever. I wore my dad’s tape out from listening to it on car trips. “Marie Laveau” was my favorite song, followed closely by “The Mermaid,” because I liked mermaids and didn’t understand the suggestive bits until years later.

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