‘cos there’s no sure footing

look what i did!

the snow gods have heard my call for Sunday Snow Day and have allowed me not to have to go to work!
if only i could get the i-don’t-want-to-do-my-reading gods to listen.

(song: “outro (with bees),” neko case)

4 comments to ‘cos there’s no sure footing

  • if you don’t watch out, you just might wake up illiterate tomorrow.

  • We were supposed to get snow, it rained instead. But there is snow on the hills around town so that is nice to look at.

    Of course, when you’re not in school anymore, snow becames a pain in the neck because you have to go to work anyway. :P

  • shelby

    Yay for well-timed snow! Everyone in my office in Seattle kept taking days off in case it snowed, which of course it didn’t til just now. Weather doesn’t affect my stay-at-home working, though. :(

  • We’ve been getting record ammounts of rain down here in So Cal. Washed out roads, flooded highways, and lower snow levels. About a normal ammount for Oregon, but this state is just not used to dealing with this much rain.

    Oh, and the hot water is not working in our apartment. Not that this is related, I just wanted to share that with you. girr..

    -= Chris

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