me and this girl, we’ve been working it out

this week, the student chapter of the american society for information science and technology is putting on icareer week, with a bunch of panels and things. this morning i went to the taxonomy panel and it was fabulous. i surprise myself sometimes: sitting there listening to these people who build taxonomies and manage projects and whatnot at microsoft, amazon, corbis, and moss adams, i realized i understood what they were talking about. it was very disorienting, as i still think of myself as being in way over my head here. but i have had a few epiphanies this week about career-type things, mostly along the lines of “i can do this!” and “taxonomy and information architecture are so interesting!” and “i want to work at corbis!!”
(i want to work at corbis.)

knitblog updated with pictures; kitchenisms updated with recipes.

(song: “oppenheimer,” the old 97s *sigh*)

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