but till then i look up to the sky

three unrelated paragraphs day:

i feel like it hasn’t rained in forever but it is finally raining today. i had forgotten that i like waking up to rain-sound. unfortunately the lovely greyness of today also made me very lethargic so i didn’t get as much homework done as i had hoped. this is the Term of Keeping On Top Of My Shit because taxonomy class is one big group project, my independent study is one big group project with one other student and the instructor, and the distance class has some busy work every week just so the instructor knows we’re all still there.

had some therapeutic shopping girl time (what has happened to me?!) today with blythe, whose schedule almost never meshes with mine. i went in search of a HARDCORE BRA!!1! for the bridesmaid dress and returned with a hardcore bra, new underwear, three pairs of argyle socks, and two stripey shirts (one with shiny!). exciting.

my new organizational system involving actually using my calendar book and also using notecards seems to be working (knocking on wood – it’s only been one week). i had a list of several things to be done during the week, and i did them all! i didn’t forget anything during the week either. i think this will be good for keeping on top of the little things in all three of my classes, as well as the programs i have to plan for work. look at me, i’m playing grown-up!

(song: “raining in hattiesburg,” kasey anderson)

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