in the middle of a cloud

i wanted to post on thursday but i didn’t have time, and now i’ve forgotten all the things i wanted to say about what a lovely day it was, and how everything was happy.

i am, of late, obsessed with gardening. i had a really fun class at the experimental college today about kitchen herb gardens – how to grow herbs for cooking, how to cook with fresh herbs, etc. it was very educational!
(i am also really enjoying belly dancing, which is also through the experimental college. i wish they would offer the cooking one i missed last term. but i really enjoy the experimental college in general and i think everyone should take classes from them!)
so i am going to have a container herb garden, with some, like maybe the basil, in the ground. and i am going to have a real vegetable garden with tomatoes and zucchini and cucumbers and salad and lots of things. but i have given it its own blog too – i am many-blogged! – which i will link to later when i am done messing with it.

this evening i finally watched rushmore all the way through from the beginning. i liked it.

(song: “oh yoko!,” john lennon)

2 comments to in the middle of a cloud

  • shelby

    1) Nooo! That is the evil movie from the crazy newspaper article that I sent you recentlyish! We must boycott it! J/k :)
    2) Yay for a lauren-post again. :)
    3) Why is it called the experimental college? Do they experiment with their class offerings?

  • 1. yes, i know. but i like wes anderson. i’m sorry.

    2. yay!

    3. i don’t know why. it’s more like what’s called an extension college at most places. i think its existence was experimental at first and now it’s been around for years. i shall find out.

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