from where you think you’ll end up

i had a very pleasant weekend of playing homemaker/subsistence farmer. friday and saturday i started cutting and pinning for my pal skip’s curtains, but i didn’t do much else. yesterday, though, i made crock-pot apple butter (crock pots are fun! you just leave it overnight!), bread that did not actuallly rise and so did not turn out at all, though it looked pretty, and salmon for dinner with shannon. i also dug up the weeds in an already raised bed in the yard, killed some rogue blackberry plants in the part i want to garden in, raked up all the pinecones and branches, and talked to the nice neighbor man who works at home depot about renting a rototiller so i can take up the grass/moss/weeds. then i planted some basils in a pot and then i sewed.
i like making stuff!
this morning i started listening to the dracula audiobook i have been putting on ipod. i have decided i adore audiobooks! i have never listened to one before but this is super fun. i think it’s also a good one to listen to – it’s properly creepifying, like stories read aloud should be.
i am planning to spend valentine’s day writing database queries. i am looking forward to this.

(song: “st. robinson in his cadillac dream,” counting crows)

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  • Yay for database queries! I think that’s an *excellent* way to spend Valentine’s Day. Megs and I are ordering a pizza and playing World of Warcraft. =)

    -= Chris

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