sing a lazy song

so i’m reading the polar bear book aka information architecture for the world wide web. i got it used from amazon for fifty cents. the price of saving that much money is that i have to read stupid yellow-highlighter-and-red-pen comments such as the following:
on “if a site’s content and functionality don’t merit launching, then why launch it?” is written “TOTALLY!”
the next paragraph includes the sentence “then there are sites full of haphazard information, rife with typos, broken links, out-of-date content, factual errors, or poorly executed HTML.” the margin reads “YUCK!”
and on a later section about good things about the web, in a paragraph called “personalization,” the word “sensitive” has been circled in red pen five times (five!) and “right on!” is written next to it.

i’m glad i stopped writing in books. how embarrassing to be yellow-highlighter-and-red-pen person.

(song: “mother nature’s son,” the beatles)

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  • A fun link tip:

    You can shorten links to the form of here] (and for books, the ASIN is the ISBN with no spaces or hyphens). So the link to that book could be:

  • Hey! That’s a good book. I’m actually (re)reading it as well. Seems like a good idea since I got an IA job all lined up after this quarter.

    I’m also going to the ASIS&T IA Summit in March. I think that Lou is going to be there…
    …I’ll let you know how it went.

  • Bryon

    I think it’s ok to highlight meaningul passages, makes notes, etc in books as long as you’re not a dumbass about it. A book isn’t something that needs your constant affirmation and reassurance that you’re paying attention to it. Books don’t think to themselves “Gosh, she’s read 4 chapters and hasn’t written ‘Right on!’ anywhere yet. Is she even comprehending what’s written here?!”

    So… Highlight and mark all you want. Just don’t be stupid about it.

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