i prefer boysenberry more than any ordinary jam

i don’t have anything to be doing at this very instant, and i don’t know what to do with myself. it has been the week-and-a-half of awfulness and misery, but it’s almost over now! last night and this morning i got the last of the final project (currently locked, will be unlocked soon) for government publications done. yesterday i finished my section of the thesaurus. i have another late group project night tonight as we try to throw together the introduction for the thesaurus all at one go, but it actually shouldn’t be too bad. i keep waiting for that class to become unbearable like it seemed to be for everyone else last year, but it hasn’t. i’ve quite enjoyed myself, actually. who knew a group project could go so smoothly?
because i finished a project, i got to have lunch at pies&pints, where i had yummy welsh pretzels – like at the stadium, but better – and spinach and goat cheese salad and a delicious pot pie. yay!
soon it will be spring break. i am looking forward to doing things that aren’t related to school. like riding my bike!

(song: “punky’s dilemma,” simon&garfunkel)

6 comments to i prefer boysenberry more than any ordinary jam

  • I miss having a Spring Break. :-(

    -= Chris

  • shelby

    me too.
    What are you doing for spring break? Staying in Seattle?

  • Barry

    Excuse my ignorance – what is a Welsh Pretzel? I have never seen a pretzel in Wales!

  • i think it’s a joke on welsh rarebit. it’s just a big salted pretzel – the soft kind – with cheese sauce, but it’s better than that plasticky stadium cheese sauce (which has its place, don’t get me wrong).

    who are you?

  • Barry

    Just a random stranger who reads blogs (and has a Welsh mother-in-law) and the less like my life the more appealing they are – everyone needs that kind of distraction sometimes. I found your blog via google when looking for someone else, tell me sto stop reading and I will, but hey, its a blog

  • no, it’s fine, of course. it is a blog. i just never expect anyone outside my immediate circle of friends (except sean – hi sean!) to read it and am startled to find others.

    i want to go to wales someday even if there are no pretzels.

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