the place with the most allure

this is what the back of my head looked like on friday morning:
this is what the front of my head looked like on friday morning:

my favorite pictures of myself are ones where i am looking at the ground, or my feet, or my food.

and this!
even though this picture was taken today, this is a mostly accurate representation …

… of what my head looked like on friday night.

did you know my hair was almost curly? i didn’t know it was almost curly.
apparently it’s almost curly.

aww, the tiny little ponytail!
(i’m afraid i’m going to be ostracized from library school now that i can’t make it into a proper bun.)

when it’s wet, it’s even curlier! just wait until i take it to the beach!
(also, jesus god i look like my sister sometimes. also, pink.)

here, i am very pleased with myself.
i like this picture even though i’m looking at the camera.

after the wake – you know, for the hairs – i came home and read this story my sister wrote about me and cried and cried.

(song: “i love the unknown,” clem snide)

12 comments to the place with the most allure

  • The third picture reminds me of Robin.

  • Bryon


    Oh well, at least you had enough to donate. (you DID donate it, right?)

  • not yet, but i have the address and someday will get around to mailing it. it has to be a foot though and i don’t know if i have a foot.

  • Bryon

    Oooh, it looks close to a foot anyways.

    Also, what did you think of Gods and Monsters? I thought Brendan Fraser did a surprisingly excellent job. Give me your take on Cryptonomicon too, if you would be so kind. Amazon says I’d like it but i read the synopsis and it doesn’t sound quite like my cup of tea.

  • i love gods and monsters. i saw it a long time ago was hoping it was as good as i remembered when i recently rewatched it, and it was. i have always had a soft spot for brendan fraser and was happy to find a movie that justifies it. everyone in that movie — all three actors :P — is excellent.

    as for cryptonomicon, it is too big to carry around so it’s slow going since i can only read at home and i’m only there when i’m going to sleep. i usually make it through three or four pages before i fall asleep.
    have you read others of his?
    i do like the story though he gets a little too wrapped up in detail.

  • shelby

    I didn’t know you were attempting Cryptonomicon, too! I was reading it but kept falling asleep. So I switched to Wicked. But I’m back. I thought it would be different than it is.. and War Conspiracy Theory isn’t exactly MY cup of tea.. but I feel that I should read it. I also felt a little lost when I read Snow Crash, even though all these other people loved it. Maybe I’m deficient in something needed to really enjoy his books.

    And – the hair! You finally did it! I love it. I am glad your hair is almost-curly — that is the best. :)

    And your seastar’s story is SO sweet. As always, makes me envious that I don’t have a sister, just a giant brother.

  • Ooh, I love it!

    I think when you take it to the beach, you should take me, too.

  • shelby

    Oh dear. Just what I was afraid of… triple-posting!!! The stupid comments thing just kept saying “page not found”… so I kept trying… and now it’s on there 3 times. Oh, the shame! Delete the extras if you can, lauren dear. :)

  • i like her story a lot. and your hair.

  • Leigh

    I think you’re hair is adorable short. And I am so jealous that it is almost curly. Mine is so straight that even when I curl it with a curling iron it is less curly than yours in five minutes. And, I bet you can now put it into two cute little buns instead of one big one. That should keep them from kicking you out.

  • marika

    yeah, you really look a lot like me in that one. It’s kind of scary.

    Did that story go away???

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