it’s hard to make the good things last

yesterday i was going to post about how nice it is of seattle to ease my transition into my new identity as short-haired almost-curly person with warm springy weather, but today (the day i finally left my coat at home and wore flip-flops instead of clogs) it is grey and spattery.
i love grey and spattery, of course, but today, waking up to the sound of crows, the water droplets on my glasses as i walked to school, and the dark-haired girl with the tweed jacket and red polka dot purse who was yawning as she let herself into her apartment at 9:30 this morning have all for some reason combined to make me nostalgic. i don’t know if it’s for eugene itself, all the places and movies and burritos and sushi and bike rides, or if it’s for undergrad and something, anything, that’s less tiring than grad school, or if it’s for the people, most of whom wouldn’t be there anymore even if i were. it’s a little strange to be nostalgic for everything that happened over the span of five or six years. freshman-year lauren and second-senior-year lauren were so different, but i miss them both.

(song: “do you realize,” the flaming lips)

5 comments to it’s hard to make the good things last

  • shelby

    well put.

  • Tweed

    or if it’s for the people, most of whom wouldn’t be there anymore even if i were

    I have had this exact thought a number of times about Large Midwestern Cowtropolis A myself. Strange, hmmmm? You’re just going along and then are hit by simultaneous nostalgia (people) and regret (they’re gone now).

  • that’s my favorite song of the moment.

  • p.

    I worry about the future when I’m going to be nostalgic about the present moment, which is an odd situation to find oneself. I am chronically nostalgic (about ark., about S., about whatever) and it kind of sucks.

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