just staring at the ceiling tiles

i should change the title to hairblog. apparently there is nothing else interesting in my life to talk about.
so, i have become a person with good hair days and bad hair days. i never understood this before. i do not enjoy my newfound understanding of this problem. the first time i washed it after i got it cut, it was curly and awesome and i loved it, and it was easy to get it to do that that so i thought i would be able to do it all the time. but no. it hasn’t been curly since. it has been frizzy and fuzzy and just plain sticky-outy, but not curly. this morning i tried to make it curly, but it’s so fluffy that even the ponytail looks ridiculous.
last night as i was sitting around after dinner with friends, a super scary thing happened, with a dog and a seizure and a falling (like five feet) off the back porch of the house we were at. i had bad dreams about it. poor seizey dog. beware the ides of march!
final projects are almost over, except the database that i have to make go for my independent study. i can do the database OK but we’re also doing some things with visual basic, which i don’t understand at all. gr.
next term i get to learn javascript and XML and PHP and it will be terribly exciting.

(song: “brian wilson,” barenaked ladies)

3 comments to just staring at the ceiling tiles

  • Databases, PHP, JavaScript, XML…. *happy-sigh*


    -= Chris

  • i know. i can’t believe it took me so long to get around to learning this stuff.

  • shelby

    Ahahahaha! The curse of the good and bad hair days! Now our real friendship can truly begin. =) I think good and bad hair has to do with wavyness, because it’s unpredictable.

    My hair is always exceptionally well-behaved right after getting it done. I think it may have to do with residual salon product that stays in through a washing. You should ask them what they used on your hair. I got the salon shampoo & conditioner and my hair is MUCH better now when I let it go wavy. If you go straight with blowdrying/straightening iron (which I know is out of the question), though, I think you can mostly avoid the good and bad hair days.

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