i guess i will, every day

this spring break, i have learned that i am not good at being bored. waking up with nothing to accomplish in a day makes me cranky. i need a goal of some sort, either something that must be done by the end of the day or someplace to be at a certain time. finishing books apparently doesn’t count, which is unfortunate, as i’m within 60 pages of the end of at least two books. so now i’m trying to find goals for every day this week. some options:
go for a bike ride in the morning
go to the gym (x3)
finish one half of one curtain (x2)
beat the INCREDIBLY ANNOYING spot i’m at in prince of persia
fix the stupid css for the website
put my controlled vocabulary in a database, just to prove i can.
and maybe i’ll bake something. i’ve been thinking about making fifteen batches of muffins and then freezing them for breakfasts for the rest of eternity.

got home today from a brief and boring (and therefore cranky) trip to portland. since it was largely a business (catsitting for my mom) trip, i didn’t see anyone except katie on the way down. i did get to have a little picnic in clatskanie, which was very nice; it was strange to be so close to astoria. the other high point of the trip was the $5 crossword puzzle book at powell’s. it’s all sunday puzzles so i will be busy for a while.

addendum to the list of daily goals:
finish one crossword puzzle.

(song: “guess things happen that way,” johnny cash)

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