tongue can get sharp

a list of mostly unrelated things.

  • i seem to have entered one of shannon’s peanut butter phases. i have never had peanut butter phases before – in fact, most of my food phases are brought on by finances, like the beans-and-rice phase or the ramen phase – but the other morning i was dreaming about peanut butter and now i can’t stop eating it. the weirdest part is that i usually eat adams (natural, just peanuts and salt, oily when you open the jar, etc etc) but in the dream, and since, it has been crappy plastic peanut butter all the way.
  • i was going to go to the gym this morning, for the first time this term (i am bad), but for some unclear reason my left wrist is really sore when i move it. i decided it would be best not to try to lift with a sore wrist so i stayed home to eat bagels with peanut butter instead.
  • had never been to an all-ages show before but i went to two this weekend. whee. first was clem snide, who i adore. and yes, his name really is eef, and it really is pronounced “eef.” i know because when i said “eef!” he said “yes?” i hadn’t thought that far ahead so i just said “um, hi?” and he said “hi. that’s my long-lost sister! my name is fun to say.” and then he sang a little song for me. i am pretty sure he was making fun but that’s why i like the band so much – because of the making fun – so it was ok. the other show was two gallants, to which we went because friends had raved about them extensively. i liked them but i was not really in a show-going mood, especially when it involved semi-punky teenagers with silly haircuts. they were good but i am in love with eef so it didn’t really compare.
  • i finally got thunderbird on the computer at home (though i still use ssh at work etc., of course). and i love it. it hasn’t got as many fun extensions and themes as firefox, but it does do RSS feeds, which i had never figured out before. so now i have RSS and it’s such fun. i had hoped it would make me spend less time on the internet because i wouldn’t be sitting there refreshing the pages i read, but instead it has made me like to read more pages since they are easier now. for example, i never read fark because i hate all the people in the comments, but now i just get the link with the funny headline, and i can go straight to the story and not be tempted to click on the comments. so now i am reading fark, which i never did before. (speaking of which, fark brought me this idaho state house bill that i absolutely adore.)
  • i have a big list of stuff i have to accomplish today so i am off to, um, accomplish stuff. whee.

    (song: “don’t be afraid of your anger,” clem snide)

  • 7 comments to tongue can get sharp

    • The title of this entry, “tongue can get sharp”, reminded me of cheese. See, I’ve been a fan of Tillamook cheese for years, but I’ve always just got the medium cheddar in the orange plastic wrap. Recently I saw that there’s also a sharp variety in red plastic wrap, so I said ‘what the hell’ and got it.

      Oh. My. God.

      Lifechanging experience. It is SO good! I love it! So much flavor! I felt like I had been wasting my life until that moment. At least, my life as it pertains to cheese.

      -= Chris

      PS: I took special care to make sure I spelled ‘Tillamook’ correctly, because I know I’d never hear the end of it from Bill if I didn’t.

    • best comment ever.

      now try the sharp white cheddar in the black wrapper. YUM.
      it’s even better when you get it straight from the factory.

    • Oooo! A black wrapper! That’s gotta be even more intense! I’ll try to find it down here, but Tillamook cheese is a bit harder to come across outside of Oregon. Totally worth it, though.

      -= Chris

    • Andi

      The black wrapper is the most delicious. It’s true. In Eugene you can buy it at Costco.

      And then after you check out you can get the most delicious hot dog.

    • I do like those Costco hot dogs. Actually, I usually got the Polish dogs; they seemed more flavorful. And at a good price, too!

      -= Chris

    • The black-wrapped-cheese is the sharpest, it is true. Aged 2 whole years! It is white not yellow-orange, but it is still cheddar. v. tasty. I believe they have some even sharper, older cheese on rare occasion, for special anniversaries and the like.

      This thread is making me want to go to the cheese factory for lunch & free samples! One of the very few perks of Tillamook living. :)

    • shan

      Lauren, I hope you’re eating your peanut butter straight out of the jar with a butter knife, because it tastes ten times better that way. I don’t know why, it just does.

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