i’m going down to the station

so the interview turned to be not so much an interview but more like a test to make sure i wasn’t a stupid person, because they’ve been planning on hiring me since they had two applicants for two positions.
turns out i’m not stupid and now i have a summer internship in the field i want to work in!

(song: “train from kansas city,” the superchunk version. i like the neko version better. i’ve never heard the original [shangri-las].)

8 comments to i’m going down to the station

  • I always said you weren’t stupid! yay

    Now you work for Bill Gates!

  • Hooray for internship!

    I had to take of those tests, too. I mean, not the same test, I’m sure, but a not-stupid test.

  • shelby

    Oh, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Congratulations, lauren! You’re super-brilliant about cheese, so it only makes sense that you’re not stupid about other things too.

    -= Chris

  • Confabulations on your infernship!

    Also, Monday’s Penny Arcade is teh funnay; it made me think of you.


  • OMG Pimp Daddy X, you were the 1000th comment!

    A winner is you!!

  • Crayzil

    Well, i do not understand this… scary site, its so plain and boring, where the colour and excitement. yes i know im posting in a randomn place but, lauren you stole my sisters name, and you were born in the same year as my brother on the same date but your three months younger, you all seem like.. freaky old guys but im trusting my instincts and going with the flow. Even though this colour of the site is freaking me out! oh and by the way im from New Zealand

  • For the love of Beavis

    oh by the way we dont’ now how to punctuate in new zelan’d.

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