a sea of pens and feathers

so i’m sitting at my desk in my office, in front of my computer with my book (discovery and decision: exploring the metaphysics and epistemology of scientific classification, by rebecca bryant), and i’m trying to finish my reading for class at 1:30. i just checked my email so i still had my hand on the mouse when i went back to reading the book. i got to the end of the page and instead of turning the page, I TRIED TO SCROLL DOWN.

maybe i need to spend less time at the computer.

(song: “rain king,” counting crows)

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  • kat

    hello fellow seattlite female. i found your blog via your metafilter profile (they call me salad spork over there) – I noticed we share a zip code – and i’ve been reading sporadically for a few weeks… but random question, were you at free scoop night at the u-village ben and jerry’s last night, like maybe 7:30ish? if you were, i saw you. if you weren’t, then either there’s someone that looks a lot like you running around out there, or i’m insane. either way works for me. ;)

  • shelby

    I would totally bet that was lauren, since free scoop day at the University of Oregon, oh so long ago, was always tradition!

    lauren, your book-scrolling-attempt is pretty funny. I *often* (so often, it’s scary) want to do a ctrl-f search in books for words, rather than searching by eye.

  • it wasn’t me, actually. and looking at her pictures i’m glad i didn’t try to go – u-village drives me crazy at the best of times; i might not have survived standing in line …
    i don’t know where any other ben&jerry’ses are. :(

    but i have some ice cream at home in the freezer!

  • I’d say it’s time to start reading eBooks so that your scrolling down will have the expected effect. The answer is MORE computers not less! =)

    -= Chris

  • marika

    excellent choice of music, i must say.

  • Deb

    The other day I casually tossed my cell phone on my desk. In my so-close-to-graduation haze, I then tried to use my cell phone as a mouse.

  • That’s one of my favorite Counting Crows songs!

    Also, the bottle for Liquid Librarian almost looks like Crown Royal!

    OMGWTF Liquid Librarian!

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