everything i thought i did right

this morning i am cranky. i suppose i need to have more coffee and some food. but there were no leftovers to bring for lunch and last time i ate on campus when i was grumpy, i ended up with one of those korean ramen-in-a-bowl, just-add-water things. soup is my default when i am cross, especially salty soup, but for this one i checked the sodium content because i am working on not kiling myself with oversaltedness. it only had 63% of my daily sodium, so i bought it. on the way back to my office i noticed that it actually said that one serving had 63%, and the bowl contained two servings. oops. the bowl also contained several interesting ingredients: “onion laver,” “wel shonion,” “seatangle” (sea tangle or seat angle? i guess we’ll never know).
i ate the whole thing anyway, despite the MSG and the wel shonion and the onion laver and the hot pink pinwheel shaped fish cakes, which are cute but not something that i feel should actually be digested. and it was good.

school is getting to the point where i start chewing on my nails, and my face starts breaking out, and i start going crazy. whee! but at least the househunting stress is over so i can focus fully on the academic stress: on monday we signed the lease for a super cute two-bedroom in wallingford with a fireplace and a basement and a garden all ready for me! i get to start moving in on june 1.

and in the meantime i have to figure out PHP and MySQL and how to make them talk to each other, and write a 10+ page paper, and learn JavaScript so i can fix my flowershop.

(song: “montgomery park,” richmond fontaine)

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  • wooo salty ramen things!

    i can help with php and javascript! weee!

  • shelby

    Sorry I didn’t think of a clever tagline.. but I think Lauren ipsum flowers is pretty funny in itself. :)

  • “Lauren ipsum” HA ha ha ha ha! That’s awesome! Good typesetter humor there.

    I’m quite good at making PHP and MySQL talk to each other, so if you need any questions answered there, please let me know. Both of the following sites are of course a good place to start if you don’t feel like asking me questions:

    -= Chris

    PS: Congrats on the 2-bedroom! Sounds awesome!

  • Yeah, I have a good book on PHP/MySQL with exercises that are helping me a lot. Most of the problem is that I can’t quite figure out what the current assignment I’m supposed to be working on is. But the main problem is that the DB isn’t up because they can’t figure out security for it, or something, so none of us can *actually* do the assignment.
    I was going to get MySQL on the laptop, but the precompiled (?) one the book recommended (and walked through installation of, which was handy) doesn’t seem to exist for 10.4 yet. BUT OSX does come with PHP already! So it would be easy if I could just get MySQL.

  • :) jen (:

    lauren sunshine…just wanted to say hi! glad that everything is going so well for you…it was really great to read your writing. felt like the old days…

  • Hi Jen!!

    … wow, have I really changed so little that I’m writing about the same stuff? I bet I have.

    I’m so lame.

  • David Christensen

    We haven’t done anything as sophisitced as this in my MILS program. We went as far as XML, schemas, dtds, xsl. No actual databases talking to eachother though. I’m just about finished at loughborough uni. I am currently writing a rather crappy dissertation. I was finding the job search depressing, so I wanted to see where you were in this pursuit.


  • Wow! This has been the blast from the past blog entry with both Jen and David posting! Good to know folks are still out there someplace. =)

    -= Chris Brunner

  • What signifieth “Appareo decet nihil munditia.”

  • Carl

    Hmm… And add Heath to Jen and David as people I haven’t heard anything from in forever…

    As long as everyone’s posting here, I thought I’d throw something in as well. If only I had something on-topic to say….

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