I’m in the same place that you left me

O, the writers’ block! truly it will be the death of me!

Yea verily!

There’s a paper due at midnight — well, at 11:59pm. I emailed the last one in at 11:54 and was proud of myself for being early. I don’t know if this one will make it by the witching hour, though. If I knew what I wanted to say, I would be fine; I type quickly enough to plow through more than this paper’s maximum 1000 words in the next six hours. But I’m not sure what it’s going to be about, so instead of writing I’m playing Tetris and downloading The Dark Tower series audio books. I get to start book 3 on the bus to work tomorrow morning!

The bus yesterday morning was quiet and empty. I was the third person on; usually there are at least fifteen by the time it gets to my stop. It confused me. I wondered if I had misread the clock and was an hour off, or if I had forgotten it was a holiday. It’s like being the first to finish a test, which I often was — that always makes me worry that I missed a page or misunderstood directions and answered one paragraph on the essay questions instead of five.
But then at the next stop, the same guy that always gets on was there. He looks friendly and is always reading an interesting book. I was happy to see him because it meant that if I was totally confused, at least one other person was confused with me.
Also I realized that if the bus was empty, I wouldn’t have to sit next to anyone, so I listened to my Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus and was happy.

Of the different methods of evaluating indexing, which come closest to assessing the quality of indexing, and which best suggest how to improve indexing? Please email me if you know.

Edited to add:

  • Fix the RSS feed

should have been on the to-do list. Thanks for pointing it out, Heath.

Edited again to add:
Also, thanks, all, for the kind words on the new site. I do want criticism as well (constructive only, please; I can produce plenty of destructive criticism all by myself), though, so don’t hesitate to email if there are things that you consider extremely unpleasant.
Tho’ I suppose I shouldn’t assume that there are more readers than the four who already emailed! (*waves* Hi friends!)

(song: “I’ll Be Around,” Bobby)

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