Movin’ myself closer to a real untimely end

I feel silly for having a whole category called “weather” — what kind of person writes about weather often enough to have a whole category? — but today I thought about how it exists because of use warrant, since I created it when I was tagging old posts from when I used MT, but it also exists because of days like today. Days like today are days when one is walking to school, excited to wear real shoes like old holey green Converse instead of pink sparkly wedding flipflops (which Mom and I called “bops” when I was small, for the noise they make: bop! bop! bop!), and as one is walking to school one is appreciating the overcast haze and the little bit of chill, and one realizes the extent to which the weather influences one’s mood.
Today’s chilly haze (or is it hazy chill?) on my walk to school made me feel nostalgic — can one be nostalgic for temperatures? — for the falls past: falls when I walked to school and listened to songs and thought of happy things and sad things, which were often the same things; falls when I cooked giant batches of soup and fed it to my friends and watched TV snugly in my apartment; falls when I jumped in puddles barefoot and soaked my jeans up to the knees because I underestimated the depth of certain potholes, giggling, and later angrily kicked water at delinquent boyfriends from the same puddles when my feelings were hurt.
Fall is when I decide to change my life, almost invariably, but today was fall and I do not want to change.

(song: “Murder or a Heart Attack,” Old 97s)

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