I’ve had visions I’ve had dreams

From my search query report on my monthly domain statistics, a list for you of things that people have searched for and then ended up at my site:

  • feel me up (3 people searched for this and found me!)
  • wel shonion (2 people!)
  • fuzzy socks
  • sing on key
  • hairblog
  • wedding flipflops
  • joe janes married
  • ransom miller
  • lauren @ 9:08 pm
  • list of ironies
  • myself open
  • rock&roll haircuts
  • ex boyfriend pictures
  • stuart ransom miller
  • things to do for lauren and simon on a sunday
  • rebecca bryant classification
  • beast aka management
  • procrastination and laziness grad school

The last is, of course, my favorite.

(song: “Deep Dark Well,” M. Ward)

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  • [...] So I started this post a while ago, intending to post it on a slow day when I didn’t have anything to talk about: One sad thing about not posting very often for, like, two years: my search word reports, listing the search terms that folks were looking for when they got to my site, are not as entertaining as they used to be (and I’m sure they were only funny to me, in the first place). I shall have to come up with more incongruous phrases to combine in amusing ways in order to boost my enjoyment of my search word reports. [...]

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