There’s an awful lot of stars out here

Scraped up my elbow this morning falling off the couch trying to get to the radio: Click & Clack were playing the Old 97s. I don’t think I’ve ever heard them on the radio (possibly because I don’t listen to KEXP as often as I should) so it was very exciting. And now my elbow hurts.

Last week I had to go out to a software company out on the Eastside to get an ID card and stuff for my work. It was an adventure but not too scary. I might have to learn to drive in order to be able to go out there on my own in the future. Oh no, Lauren in a car!!
But I still feel like I’m playing grown-up at work and am being totally transparent — it’s obvious to me that I have no idea what’s going on, but no one else seems to notice. I’m still figuring out how well I’ve convinced them of my adulthood, and I seem to be doing OK: last week I asked if I could have a footrest and a mousepad with a wrist rest, and they just came.

(song: “Bel Air,” Old 97s)

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  • [...] In the continuing spirit of playing grown-up, I find myself in a teensy hotel room in downtown Vancouver BC with less-crappy-than-expected hotel room coffee, unable to find actual Canadian morning news: my options seem to be only Seattle news or Canadian weather. There are many more interesting languages on TV, radio, and signs, though, which is appealing. Street signs are different, and they don’t even sell beer at 7-11! What is up with that? I got here too late last night to do much of anything but check in, find a little Mediterranean place down the block, and get some delicious mussels. This morning, however, I have about four hours to go run around and check things out before I catch the ferry over to Victoria. Now, to get my free breakfast and figure out where to go for four hours. [...]

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