And a woman needs a man

Today I got a mystery package. It was from CAT & GIRL. G. emailed me at work to say “Your package from Cat & Girl is here!” and I was very confused, because I did not order anything from Cat & Girl. So I was very excited to come home from the bar — not so excited that I didn’t drink three drinks, mind you — and figure out what the package was. True enough, it was from Cat & Girl: it is this shirt!!!
It’s a fish who wanted a bicycle and got one and “he’s the happiest fish in the god-damn world.” That fish may not need a bicycle, but damn, he really wanted one.
And there is a small hole in the bottom of the envelope, so if there was something in there indicating from whom it came, it might have fallen out. Or else it is a mystery package from a mystery sender who knows only my old Seattle address, and not my new one.

Thank you, mystery package sender!! You are awesome.

PS I do not need my bicycle, but damn, I love my bicycle.

(Song: “Tryin’ to Throw Your Arms Around The World,” U2)

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