Forged to bend and bow

I dreamed about blogging this weekend.

I hate that verb, to blog. I don’t mind the related nouns — I have a blog, I am a blogger — but the verb makes me cringe. I don’t know why. I avoid it whenever possible and have no idea why I used it just there. Rewriting is too hard.

But anyway, I dreamed about it. In my dream I decided that I should post more, but I still didn’t have anything to say, so I decided to post links instead of blah blah my day was boring blah. But I didn’t post interesting links, nor any sort of commentary. I just posted the link itself. And to appease my apparently rabid fans on LiveJournal, I cross-posted everything from here over there. Then I decided that to make it look like I wrote more, I would also cross-post things from LJ to here. Somehow this didn’t end up with one post mirroring back and forth into eternity, but rather with a bunch of really stupid meaningless posts that mirrored back and forth only once.

This is nothing like real life, of course, you know.

Exciting news soon. Maybe on Friday? We’ll see.

(song: “Railroad Steel,” Paul Burch)

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