There’s glass in my thermos and blood on my jeans

A few weeks ago, several of my favorite bands ever came out with new albums. So, mini reviews!

Neko Case, Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
This album reminds me a lot of Blacklisted, which I absolutely adore. I have listened to almost* nothing but Fox Confessor for the past week. My favorites are “Margaret vs. Pauline” (track 1), “Star Witness” (track 2), “A Widow’s Toast” (track 4), “John Saw That Number” (track 7), and “The Needle Has Landed” (track 12).

Eef Barzelay (of Clem Snide), Bitter Honey
I’ve listened to this one a few times, and I pretty much wish it were a Clem Snide album instead of a solo album. I love Eef, my long-lost brother, but Eef+guitar isn’t quite as snarky as Eef+whole band, and his lyrics are as snarky as normal, so it doesn’t quite match up.

Rhett Miller, The Believer
This album isn’t very good.
Can you believe I just said that about Rhett?
It’s just not very good. He needs the Old 97s. Especially Murry, the bassist. We saw Rhett live a few weeks ago and his bassist apparently had a crappy amp, or something; I don’t know what it was but he sounded terrible. It was really unpleasant. The songs from the album are better live than they are on the album, which isn’t saying much because they are kind of lifeless and flat on the album. And then he does that hip thing at the live show so everything is better.

*I have also listened to Paul Burch‘s album Fool For Love. If Paul Burch and Neko had babies, they would make my head explode with the awesome singingness.

(song: “Star Witness,” Neko Case)

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