You plant your seeds and you let ‘em grow

Two weeks ago, I made G. drive me out to Molbak’s, of which I had only heard legends and rumors, and I found them all to be true: it is a Wonderful Place. Fortunately, I had spent all my evenings over the last week or so pulling up weeds in the raised bed in our backyard. (This turns out to be a remarkably comforting & calming procedure, actually, and I recommend it. Work all day, drive home through crappy traffic, get out of car and immediately put dogs in backyard, put gloves on, and start digging in the dirt.) So it was OK that I spent about $200 at Molbak’s. Sort of.

In any case, I pulled weeds all morning and then I put steer manure on the ground and stirred it in, and then we went to the store. An hour and a half later, we came home with four tomato plants (two yellow pear, one brandywine, one persimmon), four basil plants (two regular & two Greek columnar), eight cucumber plants (Orient Express, Telegraph, & Lemon, my favorite), two little jalapeño plants, and several lettuces, both green & red leaf. I spent the rest of the afternoon putting them in and then watering them.

All the plants were sad and straggly, especially the lettuces, because it’s so late in the season. I worried that I had just wasted a ton of money & time, but I felt bizarrely parental about all of the little plants. It was like adopting Ruby: she needed a bath and a nap and lots of petting; the plants, especially the poor wilty lettuces, needed some dirt and some water and some love. I gave them a forever home! AND THEN I WILL EAT THEM.

By that Tuesday, the next day I had time to visit, they appeared to have all taken to their new home. There were new leaves on all of the plants and a couple new flowers on the tomatoes. I loosened soil in some of the empty spots and put in seeds for corn, carrots, & a lettuce mix, the kind where you just seed every three weeks or so and harvest the baby leaves as they come up. I put up my four-month white-board calendar and drew lines to represent when the seeds were scheduled to sprout, according to the back of the seed packet. Then I sat down and was very impatient!

Happily, though, exactly seven days later, the corn started to sprout! That was last Tuesday. I love the baby corn plants. Then a few days later I started to notice little fragile carrot sprouts, and now I think I have a few lettuces coming up, too. They did it all by themselves! Also there are two tiny baby green tomatoes, and three cucumber blossoms. I will have fruit soon!

I have wanted this garden for years and years. I am so happy that it seems to be working. Now I am prepared for the collapse of civilization.

(Song: “What Do You Love More Than Love,” Dar Williams)

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