When I am revealing my heart

I have been trying to write this post for weeks now. Busy: getting new computer; computer crashing; computer needing more RAM; computer getting more RAM; Firefox crashing; etc.
So now I am posting post-poker night and mid-bourbon on my new shiny white MacBook, with tired Ruby June and snorey Oscar, all worn out from running around in circles in the poker host’s backyard.

Forgot what I have been planning to say for weeks, so here’s a general update.

Garden is awesome. Have been eating happily growing lettuce. Today someone commented that I have been eating a lot of salad for lunch, and I said “I picked it! This morning! From my garden!” and I was proud.
Ruby June has been good; lately when she gets out of yards, she comes when we call, instead of running the other direction. So that’s an improvement.
Spent the weekend of the Fourth pleasantly with my sister: Neko Case show (amazing set; also hotttt); bought her dress for the bridesmaiding; sat around; cooked some food. Spent the three days of the following work week MISERABLE. I somehow managed to get ~33 hours in those three days. I don’t remember why anymore. I think things needed done, and I needed to do them. But I’m not sure.
Subsequent weeks have been similar. Overtime is lame.
I also ordered my dress, but it was online rather than in a shop and so was less fun but also significantly less annoying, which is worth a lot to me. Bridal shops? They suck.
I am studying things! I am studying graphic design, and programming (C#), and sewing, and also dog training.

Tomorrow we go suit shopping and also shoe & skirt shopping at Gap Inc. for me, just for fun.

Now I must go to bed, because … it’s bedtime.

(Song: “I Love the Unknown,” Clem Snide)

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