Push myself up through the dirt

I’d post more often if I were the kind of person who did links posts.

I’m not.

BUT, this is a lovely article about tomatoes. I have some yellow pear tomatoes that are ripe, and have harvested two Brandywines and have one about to turn red, but my two unidentified plants (one said it was yellow pears but is a gorgeous large stripey green thing, and one said it was persimmon tomatoes but are all beautiful disfigured lumpy things that are nothing like persimmons) are still all green. The one-that-is-not-persimmon-tomatoes is the most prolific tomato plant ever.

I just hope it stays warm through September so they can turn red.

(Today’s views of the garden also include jalapeños, corn, lettuce, and cucumber. Especially fun if you compare with the photos from June 13.)

(song: “Spring Street,” Dar Williams)

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