Sunday’s on the phone to Monday

Recently G. rebuilt one of his old mountain bike frames into a cute little comfy bike for me to ride around the neighborhood. It has pink on it! And it is very fun. Last weekend we rode to the Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair down the street from our house, where we bought hippie vegetables and hippie starts to plant for our fall crops. I got to ride home with my bike basked full of baby lettuces & kales & broccoli. (Garden pictures soon.)
Then today we rode our bikes, pedal pedal pedal, down to the Blue Star for post-pirate-birthday-party hangover lunch with old school friends.

In conclusion, I have a bike! Yay!

AND ALSO, I am knitting like a mad fiend to finish a gorgeous lace sweater that I will be posting on knitblog about soon, with pictures.

(Song: “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window,” the Beatles)

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